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I will never be afraid of you. 
Her fingertips were shaking, her body was numb, her lips were quivering, and her eyes showed fear.
She stood at the top of the stairs looking down at him. His fists clenched, his jaw tensed, and his eyes filled with fury. His lips were in an angry straight line, and his brows were furrowed as he stared up at her; watching her be silently afraid.
“Don’t hurt me.”
Her light voice was an angelic echo down the stair case to his ears, but he wasn’t going to let up. He was angry with her; blind with rage, but she didn’t know why.
She hadn’t done anything to make him that way. She’d not seen another guy, she’d not been sneaking out or partying.
And that’s when it hit her hard like a brick flying out of a crazy man’s hand.
He was angry at her because he’d done something to make him be ashamed of himself, and blind with fury. He was the one who was scared, she shouldn’t have been.
“You’re hiding something from me,” She said as she made her way down the staircase. Slowly approaching him. “Just tell me,” She said as she reached the bottom stair and hesitantly laid one hand on his chest. “Please.” She whispered in his ear, as she stood on her tiptoes.
He grabbed her wrist violently, and squeezed it in his hand furiously. She was sure she heard a crack, and she whimpered quietly; trying to be strong so he would calm down.
“I’m not afraid of you,” She said, and lifted up her left hand to pinch the two pressure points on his wrist; causing him to let go of hers. “I will never be afraid of you.”
She laid her right hand back down on his chest after she flexed it out, and realized that it was okay.
She looked up into his eyes which had been staring directly downward at her, and she kept the eye contact, not wanting to break it so she could pull the truth out of him; even if it meant getting hurt…
She’d do it ‘cause she loved him. 
“Tell me what you did,” She murmured against his ear, and took both of his wrists into her hands tightly so he couldn’t harm her that way anymore. “Tell me why you’re so ashamed in yourself,” Her voice was quiet, and smooth. “I won’t be angry, I promise.”
‘I promise.’
Those words struck him hard against his head, and as they did, he came crumbling down; crying and yelling at himself, and beating himself up for what he did.
“Harry!” She screamed, shoving his body aggressively against the wall. She put her arm to his throat gently. “Calm down!” The tears fell down her face, and that’s when she’d began to be afraid.
No, not of him, but for him. 
“I love you.” He cried as he dug his face sweetly into (Y/n)’s neck, and cried harder, and kissed her neck softly, repeating over and over again that he loved her.
And she knew he did, which was why…
She never gave up on him.


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