Lazy Day (Listen to Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran )

You laid there watching the sun come up the warmth on your face. Early mornings like this always made you feel this indescribable happy feeling. You smiled as his arms around your waist added a bit of pressure, moving you closer to his body.  His kissed the skin behind your ear. “I knew you’d be awake.” He whispered. You smiled bigger, grabbing his hand on your stomach, intertwining your fingers.

It was very rare to be here in the same bed with the man you were in love with. Both of your schedules never exactly fit together. This was the first night since the tour that you both got to spend together just doing nothing and loving every minute of it.

You flipped over looking into Harry’s eyes. His still covered with the haziness of sleep, but his cheeky smiled appeared on his face. Your noses touching. Unexpectedly he flips you over on top of him. You give a throaty laugh. “Oh, Mr. Styles, what nice moves you have.” You kiss his dimple. He smiled up at you. “My moves always win you over, (y/n).” You shake your head, grabbing his hands. You laugh when he takes his feet and place it on your stomach holding you in the air. Bending you down to meet his lips. Spreading his legs you fall through and his legs wrap around you.
“(y/n), I don’t think you realize,” He whispers slowly, “How much I’m in love with you.” 

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